Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

Sound Property Management was founded in 2009 in an effort to better serve the real estate investors of the Nation's Capital. Since its creation, Sound Property Management has focused on reaching single-family homeowners, as well as small, multi-unit property investors. By keeping attention soundly centered on smaller properties, the team at Sound Property Management hopes to provide an exemplary level of customer service, unrivaled by any other management group in Ottawa.

A myriad of investors partner with Sound Property Management, including both local property owners and absentee landlords. From tenant screening and monthly billing, to maintenance, upkeep, and repair chores, the talented staff at SoundPM address a vast assortment of different tasks and work to ensure the satisfaction of every client. This dedicated approach provides an invaluable service for real estate investors, regardless of the size of their respective property portfolios.

Headed by Heather Scott, Sound Property Management continues to expand within the Ottawa area. Clients have come to trust SoundPM for their property management needs—why not add your own portfolio to our list of appealing properties in the area?